The Meta Mindset is a graphical construct that describes the process we use to approach challenges, opportunities, and problems. It allows us to see that each of us brings background, positionality, and valuable knowledge to every situation or effort. Whether solo, or as part of a multidisciplinary partnership, the Mindset identifies the characteristics of the inspirational decision that motivates action and fuels creativity. This framework explains the need for discovery, deliberate risk, and each of our discipline's literacies to deliver the value of our inspiration. The Mindset makes explicit the thought process we commonly use so that we can practice and improve it. It puts context to feeling uncomfortable, getting stuck, and struggling so we can develop tools for productive persistence that reveal the next step toward creating intrinsic and extrinsic value.

A value of the Mindset

Dr. Suzanne Westfall


Lafayette College

Relationship to problem solving

Dr. Jonathan Dahl

Computer Science & Math

Lafayette College

What we bring

Dr. Alex Brown

Mechanical Engineering

Lafayette College

Teaching empathy

Dr. Jennifer Kelly


Lafayette College

Teaching the Mindset

Dr. Lisa Gabel       


Dr. Yih-Choung Yu

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lafayette College

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