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The Meta Mindset describes the process that allows individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions to approach challenges, opportunities, and problems. It highlights the journey common to all ambitious endeavors to create new social or commercial value, including how there are times the path to success feels lonely and frightening.  The use of the Meta Mindset enables us to see that we each bring value to every effort through our unique background, positionality, and  knowledge.  This enables us to recognize that value in others and therefore fosters empathy. The journey is always iterative, requires management of a wide range of risks, encourages collaboration, and is never a “sure win.”  The Meta Mindset offers a way to leverage every experience, no matter the scale, scope or subject matter, to prepare for the next larger challenge and opportunity by using each experience to refine our abilities to think broadly and proceed creatively and deliberately. It can be applied in any context to any circumstance in academic, professional, and personal life.

The Meta Mindset was piloted at Lafayette College in a wide range of disciplines and teaching environments to deliberately develop capability in taking on challenges, creatively working through setbacks, productively collaborating under stressful circumstances, and persisting through productive struggle toward meaningful accomplishment. 
Here is some of the value those involved found:

Highlights the value we bring

Dr. Alex Brown

Mechanical Engineering

Lafayette College

Reveals empathy on the way to productive collaboration

Dr. Jennifer Kelly


Lafayette College

Practically guides decision making

Elias Mueller

Mechanical Engineering Student

Lafayette College

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